Company Tax Return Services

Does the thought of sorting your business corporation tax return for your company fill you with dread?

We’ve made the whole process really easy, so you don’t have to deal with HMRC, you'll never miss a deadline and always pay the correct amount in tax. We can do this using our award-winning monthly service, or one of our one-off annual packages.

What exactly is a ‘company tax return’?

If you’re a small business, limited company, or partnership, then you’ll need to complete a tax return to declare your business income to HMRC and claim any tax allowances. This is called a corporation tax return or company tax return.

Completing a company tax return can be a complicated procedure, so you’ll need a helping hand to make sure it’s filed correctly and avoid costly mistakes.

If HMRC issue you a company tax return, you must fill it in.

Why choose Mazuma?

With many options available for sorting your business accounting you might be wondering what the benefits are of using Mazuma over other accountants or accountancy software. Let us clue you in on why Mazuma is your best bet…

At Mazuma, we’re a team of real people, and we take care of everything for you (even the boring bits)! All you have to do is pop us your info, either in the post using a snazzy Freepost envelope or by using our app. You’ll also be assigned your very own personal accountant to be on hand with any queries you might have. 

Mazuma is also an online accountancy service - yep, we’re a digital based service. For our customers, that means no time is wasted attending unnecessary meetings - what a success! It also means our service is fast, efficient and all round cost effective - our costs are low so we can offer you a low price! So when you work with us, you’ll get all the benefits of a non face-to-face service and speedy digital delivery alongside the personal touch of having your own personal accountant.

From just £28 per month plus VAT, we’re yet to hear any complaints. So why not save yourself time, money and hassle - join Mazuma today!

Corporation, company or partnership Mazuma has got your back!How we take the stress away

All you need to do for us is send us the correct documents, through the post or online, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s really this simple.

  1. Firstly, we ensure that all your accounts are in order and ready to complete your tax return
  2. We'll then calculate your tax and suggest ways we think you could decrease your tax bill (happy days)
  3. We complete your CT600 corporation tax return or SA800 partnership tax return
  4. File it at HMRC for you
  5. We work hard to help you meet the deadline

Making Tax Digital 

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is on it’s way - in fact, it’s already a requirement for some businesses, so it’s super important that you’re aware of what your business needs to do to be compliant. MTD is a new scheme from HMRC that affects all businesses - big and small - in an effort to digitise the entire process. It involves businesses submitting their tax return to HMRC straight from their accountancy software. 

If you’re not sure about how Making Tax Digital will affect your business, or if you’d like to hear more about how our services can help, head over to our Making Tax Digital page or contact our team for more information.

Got a question? Here are some FAQs which may help.

What’s the deadline?

Business tax must be paid by 9 months after your accounting year end.

Is there a penalty?

Unfortunately, yes.

If you don’t file your tax return before the deadline then you will face increasing penalties.

Do I still need to file a tax return if I made a loss?

You must still send a return if you make a loss or have no Corporation Tax to pay.

Are you interested?

We are the pioneers of hassle-free accounting who actually care about helping you out.

Our goal is to take as much of the stress of dealing with your end of year accounts away, offering a reliable and cheap accounting service

You can feel reassured and focus on what you’re really good at, like running your business successfully. 

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