Accounting Services for Limited Companies

Growth can only ever be a good thing. It’s the truest marker of business success. Registering as a limited company has loads of benefits, and is the natural next step if your company has outgrown sole trader status.

That said, as a growing limited company, you’ve probably noticed the administrative responsibilities grow with you, the biggest of which is probably managing the finances. If you’re finding business finance a headache then you’re not alone, and certainly not beyond help!

You’re a limited company on the verge of outsourcing your finances. How can Mazuma help?

For just £80+VAT, you could hand all the stress of managing your accounts over to Mazuma. Tax, bookkeeping, accounts - the lot! But what we offer is so much more than just compliance in the form of cheap accountants for limited companies. We offer a holistic service that is truly beneficial. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what our other clients have had to say.

The benefits of Mazuma’s limited company accounts


We’re completely flexible with our approach to managing your accounts. We know that you’ve got more important things to spend your time on than worrying about your finances! Our online-based subscription service means that you can send us everything quickly and easily. We also have the Mazuma App, which will revolutionise the way you delegate your finance admin. From making a record of receipts to making amendments to payroll, it’s something you can do out and about, or from your desk. We also accept all the old fashioned, letters in the post (freepost, naturally) method too. We’ve got your back.


Said simply, we care. We want to make sure you’re getting the best advice and the best outcome for your business. We’ll flag up changes that might affect you, make sure you’re on the best rates and getting any allowances you’re entitled to. We keep a running record of all your important dates. You’ll never be chasing us.


Our team of accountants have helped a real mixed bag of businesses in all manner of situations. We’ve probably seen it all. Harness our combined expertise and relax.

Freedom and focus

With the time you free up by outsourcing your accounts to us you can focus on running your business. Whatever that means for you and your products and services. Make sure you’re where you’re needed most and not scrambling round for paperwork.

Value for money

Our fixed price, of £80+VAT per month, is affordable for businesses of all sizes. When you consider all the benefits and all the services we offer - it’s a no brainer. Not only do we provide a cheap accounting service, but we're also reliable, knowledgeable and always on hand to provide any advice and guidance. 

Our limited company accounting services

From sifting through paperwork and receipts to dealing with HMRC on your behalf. Here’s how we can help…

  • Monthly management accounts - you’ll receive management accounts every month, complete with an estimated tax bill. With us keeping an eye on the bigger picture, the close monitoring will help you make your business a success. 
  • Bookkeeping for limited companies - bookkeeping is time consuming, even with the latest software and the best will in the world. Freeing yourself up will allow you to invest your time and expertise where it’s really needed - into the business itself.
  • VAT returns - entrust us to complete your vat return ahead of the deadline. As well as keep a record of all your finance deadlines.
  • Monthly or weekly payroll - avoid expensive mistakes. We’ll coordinate the payroll for all of your company’s employees, accurately and reliably.
  • Corporation tax - in your first year you will be eligible for tax allowances. Rely on our expertise and up to date knowledge to help you find the best outcome.
  • Self assessment tax return - we make sure you’re covered too. We’ll complete your personal tax return as well as the business’s to give you absolute peace of mind where HMRC is concerned.
  • Statutory year end accounts - with the paperwork you’ve sent our way over the year, we’ll prepare and submit your year-end accounts to HMRC and Companies House.

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