Check out the Mazuma Story...So Far

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What is one of the greatest things in the world?
It isn’t money...
It isn't fame...
It isn’t even a cat wearing a fez!

(Although we agree that’s pretty cool)

It's friendship.

Friendship is the greatest thing in the world.

And it's what Mazuma was founded on

Mazuma's founders have been best friends since they were 11 years old.

They grew up together.

They got into scrapes together.

They started Mazuma together.


And they started Mazuma because they felt the accountancy industry was missing a basic human quality...


That feeling that someone has got your back.


That feeling that you know you can pick up the phone and be reassured.

That's what makes Mazuma different

That feeling that you matter.


Mazuma won't make you leap through hoops or even keep a spreadsheet.

Mazuma will take away your accountancy worries with the posting of a purple envelope or a click of a button.

They'll be there

Every day, every month, every year.


So come and make friends with Mazuma.


We'd love you to be part of the gang.

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