Dormant Accounts Filed - £100

Get your dormant accounts filed by our accountants for just £100!

So... you've incorporated a Ltd Company but haven't traded through it?  Do you still have to file accounts with Companies House and HMRC?

Yes you do!

Unfortunately, if you don't file your accounts on time (even dormant accounts), you can face some pretty hefty penalties!

A limited company is deemed to be dormant if it’s had no 'significant accounting transactions' since incorporation, or since the last filing of accounts. In plain English, a company is dormant if it has not traded.

    How it works...

  1. Buy the service at the bottom of the page for just £100
  2. Answer all the questions on the form, sign it and send it back to us in the Freepost envelope.
  3. We’ll produce your dormant accounts and nil Corporation tax return
  4. We’ll submit your DCA form and CT600 online and email you confirmation.
  5.  You can relax!

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