I can't now remember exactly how long I have been with Mazuma, it's been quite a few years, but I can tell you I made the perfect choice!

They are professional, polite and manage somehow to explain things and answer my questions so even I can understand them.

Basically, I collect all my incoming and outgoing invoices, print off my bank statements and PayPal receipts, and every month I pop them into the supplied Freepost envelope and post them off.

A few days later I get an email telling me they are being processed and a few days later again I get my accounts all professionally sorted out in an easy to understand format.

Another great bonus is that I am never 100% sure what I can or can't claim for, and they sort this out too, sending me back the things I can't claim for.

My life would be so much harder and more stressful without them. Thank you Mazuma....I love you!

- Pete Aubery from Big Pete's Magic Treats

There are plenty of advantages to being self employed; being your own boss, increasing your earning potential, creating a good work-life balance.

The biggest disadvantage of being self employed is having to deal with all of the record keeping and tax matters that crop up.

Despite what the HMRC adverts might say; tax is taxing!  And confusing.  And complicated.  And inconvenient.

In short, having to deal with all of your own tax affairs is pain in the proverbial.

Lots of self employed people try to do their own accounts and tax returns because they think that it will save them money; after all, traditionally accountants have been pretty expensive and not too great on customer service.

But we’re different.

We’ll take care of all of your bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns from just £28 + VAT per month.

You’ll get monthly management accounts from a qualified accountant.

You’ll get year-round access to your accountant at no extra cost.

Sound good?

Check out our award-winning Purpleforce service.

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