Sparkles in recent times has gone from a sole trader to a Ltd company and the Mazuma team have helped us with every step - from VAT registration to our monthly payroll.

Now with Mazuma having an easy to use digital service we can upload receipts and bank statements easily.

Mazuma are very professional and are always ready to help, either via email or on the telephone, with any questions that we may have regarding all aspects of accounting.

- Ceri Jennings from Sparkles Cleaning Services

If you’re running a business then you need an accountant. Simple as that!

Whether you operate as a sole trader, Ltd Company, Partnership or LLP, a good accountant will save you time, money and tax.

The problem is that many small business owners don’t see the value of an accountant, mainly because traditionally, accountancy has been pretty expensive for small businesses and the service has been, well, less than fantastic.

So to get around the problem they try to cut costs by doing the accounts themselves, either with a piece of bookkeeping software or a spreadsheet and then they’ll go and see an accountant at the end of the year (when the deadline is looming!) to get all of the tax stuff done.

Sound familiar?

Well we’ve got good news for you!

What if you could have an accountant at your disposal all year?

What if you didn’t have to faff around with software and just bung all your paperwork into a Freepost envelope every month?

What if you could get monthly accounts prepared by a qualified accountant?

What if, from just £28 + VAT per month you get all that plus unlimited support and all your year end accounts and tax returns completed as part of the deal?

If you like the sound of that then you’re going to love our award-winning Purpleforce service!


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