Their accountants are very competent, compassionate and responsive. I highly recommend Mazuma as an accountant that will help grow your business.

We chose Mazuma because they're a digital-friendly accounting firm that's built for the next generation of business and entrepreneurs.

We were looking for an accounting firm which didn't require us to travel each month to visit them, yet were instantly accessible.”

- David Oragui from Balanced Life Academy Group

As a freelancer or small business you are undoubtedly an expert in your chosen field, but the thought of dealing with accounts and tax will probably give you many a sleepless night!

Whether you are operating as a Sole Trader or Ltd Company there are legal obligations with regards to your tax affairs.  If you don’t get it right then you can end up incurring penalties and fines – yikes!

So what do you do?

Like many freelancers and small businesses out there, you can try and do it yourself.  Lots of people purchase a piece of bookkeeping or accountancy software and then hope for the best when it comes to getting the year end accounts and tax returns done.  The problem is that you still end up spending a lot of time fiddling around with your receipts; time that could be better spent earning money or with your friends and family.

Many other people will strike a compromise and do the donkey work themselves throughout the year in the hope that when they finally visit an accountant at year end, their fees will be lower.  Not only is this rarely the case, but you won’t know in advance what your fees (or tax bill!) are likely to be and you aren’t getting any ongoing advice throughout the year.

What are the other options?

In a word – Mazuma.

With Mazuma you’ll get all of your bookkeeping completed, monthly management accounts, ongoing advice and support and your year end accounts and tax returns completed.  All for a low fixed monthly fee.

Sound like a good deal?

Check out our Purpleforce package!

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